Date of Celebration

From 11th to 14th May 2024.

Exhibition Hours

From 11 to 13 from 11:00 to 20:00.
The 14th from 11:00 to 15:00.

Place of Celebration

Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero

Pol. Ind. Camino de Morente s/n. 14600 –  Montoro (Córdoba)

Deadline for Admission

The deadline for application is April 22, 2022.
Specific Rules of Participation

– The Organization reserves the right to modify the exhibition areas and the location of the Exhibitors for reasons techniques and if the demand for space requires it. The Organisation undertakes to inform the Exhibitor of the changes in the plan that may affect it.

– The exhibitor’s waiver of his participation is grounds for loss of the amount advanced within the established time limits.

– During the days the event is held, goods may be entered in the morning for one hour up to 15 minutes before the fair opens.

– In the event that the event is not held for reasons beyond the control of the Organisation, Exhibitors will be refunded only the amounts paid by them, without any right to compensation.

– Exhibitors may not carry out any activity or promote their products outside their stand without prior authorisation from the Organisation.

– Nailing and drilling on the walls and profiles of the modular stands is not permitted, and Exhibitors are obliged to pay for any such damage caused.

Allocation and Reservation of EXHIBITION SPACES

The Exhibitor must provide the Organization with the exact dimensions of the space to be occupied, both inside and outside.

The space requested by each exhibitor will not be definitively allocated until APRIL 22, 2022. On the date of formalisation of the registration, 50% of the services requested must be paid, and the rest of the amount for the Stand will be paid before APRIL 29, 2022.

Payments of both instalments will be made by means of deposit or transfer to the account:

ES1630670154762520315025 of the Caja Rural de Jaen, Av. Andalucía, 12 , MONTORO.


The assembly of the machinery and products to be exhibited may begin on May 6 and must be completed before 9 p.m. on the 12th of that month.


The dismantling of the stands and machinery may start at 5pm on 10 May 2022 and must be completed within 48 hours. The risk of delay in dismantling after the deadlines indicated will be borne exclusively by the exhibitor.

For the withdrawal of goods and certain materials, the exit authorization issued by the Organization will be necessary.

Services included in the price list

A) Exterior Exhibition Space
– General information service.
– General public address service.
– Guarded parking, specifically for exhibitors.
– Security surveillance.
– Stand cleaning.
– Theft and fire insurance, over declared value.
– Fire service.
– Electrical connection up to 3,000 Watt.
– Wifi

B) Indoor Exhibition Space
– All services specified in point A
– Covered stand made up of melamine panels, lighting and signage.

Estatutos Consorcio Feria del Olivo de Montoro