From the town of Membrilla (Ciudad Real) the company Agrobellon comes to the Olive Tree Fair, which has more than 50 years of activity, being the fourth family generation dedicated to this trade.

Currently, they are specialists in the manufacture of dump trailers pulled by agricultural tractors, which have undergone considerable evolution over time: from the first dump trailers, to those currently manufactured with greater tonnage, tandem type, in stainless steel, three-axle, platforms for harvesting fruit, industrial trailers for earthworks, etc.

Our visitors and entrepreneurs from the olive oil and general agricultural sector will be able to see first-hand the novelties that Agrobellon will present during the four days of the Fair, such as manure spreader trailers and organic fertilizers for vineyards and trees (including olive trees), present at your stand:

  • Spreader agricultural trailer for organic, environmental and ecological fertilizers, such as garbage and sludge:
    o Monobloc box type of a single compact and watertight block, designed and built in stainless steel or carbon steel, with vertical reinforcements that, together with the crossbars of the floor and chassis, provide the body with great rigidity.
    o Chassis designed and manufactured with high-strength tubular profiles, and towing equipment consisting of 1 axle, two wheels and a damping system.
    o Height-adjustable lance with damping spring and hydraulic foot.
    o Drag chains to drive the material to be spread to the reels located at the rear, responsible for its distribution.
    o Spreader group made up of two reels made of high-resistance steel. Dismountable and driven by a group of highly robust gears.
    o Hydraulic rear hatch that ensures the tightness of the box and precise adjustment of the material to be spread.
  • Manure spreader / locator for vineyards and trees (almond, pistachio, olive trees) Manufactured with a UPN frame and 3 m/m sheet metal, 080/12 chain joined with UPN, reducer group driven by hydraulic motor with speed regulating valve and pressure limiter. Double effect hydraulic gate, rotating lance and the possibility of different options:
    o Topo with drag.
    o Hydraulic tape.
    o Hydraulic plates.
    o Sonar for trees.
    o Side gate.
    o Flotation tire.
    o Stainless steel bodywork.

Remolques AgrobellonFor an optimization in the manufacturing processes, Agrobellon has an overhead crane, a folding machine, a shear, as well as the machinery that allows this company to be equipped with the most advanced technology in welding, cutting and folding equipment.
In addition, they have other facilities designed to develop other works, also within the metal sector, mainly bodies for industrial and military vehicles, containers of different types and development of metal parts according to orders.
You can visit these and other novelties at their stand, located in the EXTERIOR area of ​​the Fair, at the Montoro Olivarero Communal Heritage Facilities, from May 11 to 14. Participate and register at: WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU.