The Olive Fair Consortium has made available to the exhibiting companies of the event the reservation of the facilities of the Assembly Hall for the presentation of their products and novelties, in order to promote their brands and make themselves known to the general public attending the event. .

In this sense, next Wednesday, May 11 and 12, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., we invite all the companies participating in the Fair, as well as the general public, to attend and learn first-hand the latest developments in the sector.

GEAAmong the participating companies in this space, is Gea Westfalia. This multinational is one of the largest providers of systems for the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors. Its portfolio includes machinery and plants, as well as advanced process technology, components and comprehensive services. Antonio López Rodríguez, Project Manager Electrical & Automation of the Center of Excellence for Olive Oil of GEA Westfalia Separator Ibérica, will give a presentation entitled “GEA Solutions for digital transformation in the oil mill”, where the following topics will be discussed:

• Industry 4.0
• Advantages of digitization in the oil mill
• MES/MOM reporting system
• GEA solutions for the automation and digital transformation of the oil mill

Pago las MonjasThis intervention will be followed by Oils Prieto Reina (Pago las Monjas). In the previous edition of the Olive Tree Fair, Pago Las Monjas won the award for the Best Oil Mill in Spain awarded by AEMO in 2018. This year, they present a new service in their Oil Mill based on support for small producers. of oil. “In our oil mill, we offer the possibility for small producers to make their highest quality oil and go out on the market to market their own brand,” assure its managers.

Pago las Monjas is in charge of supervising all manufacturing, from milling to packing and packaging. In addition, they provide all the legal requirements and advice throughout the production process. The presentation of this service will be accompanied by the tasting of 3 Premium EVOOs from Small Producers, produced this past season at its facilities.

InforcloudThe Jaen company Inforcloud will present its new module for oil mills and cooperatives, oliCloud, with which it is intended to unite all the information of oil mills and farmers so that both can benefit from it.

OliCloud is a software fully developed to control and monitor any olive, shelled fruit and/or fruit farm. From the beginning, they have sought to develop software that is comfortable and intuitive for the farmer and that really helps him in his day to day. Thanks to the technology used, professionals can manage their farms and those of their clients from any device and anywhere. “In this way, when they get home, the user will have everything written down, since this system collects each job carried out, calculates all payments to workers, collections from clients, etc. automatically and prevents the farmer from having to spend long hours in front of a notebook and a calculator» say those responsible.

The farmers of the oil mills and cooperatives that make use of oliCloud, will have information regarding settlements and advances to their associates, set prices for these product settlements according to categories, send direct messages to their farmers, directly in their application.

In addition, they will be able to set the price at which they seek to liquidate their products, be aware of the prices set by the oil mill and know the yields of the products brought to it in real time, etc. Functionalities that join all those that are already part of this complete agricultural management software.

AgrocorThe Cordovan company Agrocor, has not been left behind in this call either and will present, among other products, the new Stihl brand motorized pumps for irrigation. From their facilities they tell us that, until this year, they had not developed an equal product. They will carry pumps and irrigation accessories to optimize water resources in plantations.
In addition, they will show a new prototype of the Stihl brand battery-powered olive harvester, which will be available to farmers and collectors for the next campaign. They will also present a range of highly technologically developed battery-powered brushcutters for trimming olive trees to cut stumps or suckers without causing damage or harm of any kind to the olive tree. A great advance to improve the growth of our quintessential tree.

ProbodeltThe closing of exhibitions will go hand in hand with Probodelt, specialists in designing and executing programs for the rational control of pests. The company from Tarragona will focus its presentation on the mass capture product Conetrap Bactrocera (ES-00625) for the control of the olive fly, which consists of:

• Cap with insecticide 7.5mg of Lamda cyhalotrin
• Versatile hook, easy to install and resistant
• Dry attractant (Maintenance free. 12 months persistence)
• Base with inner tubes that prevent flies from escaping

Among the benefits of Conetrap Bartrocera, the following stand out: the reduction of the olive fly, delay in the appearance of the pest, softens population peaks, slows down the recovery of the pest after treating, eliminates or reduces the number of chemical treatments and its compatibility with the application of phytosanitary products.

16:00-17:00 GEA WESFALIA

16:00-17:00 INFORCLOUD
17:00-17:30 BTM SYMBIOSIS
17:30-18:00 AGROCOR
18:00-19:00 PROBODELT

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