After the closing of the doors of the XVIII edition of the past 2016 and the general optimism palpable due to the results obtained both at the business level of its exhibitors and at the commercial level by its visitors, this edition is presented with a more globalized vision of oil at the international level. However, there are four strategic axes that must continue to be maintained throughout the event with a view to subsequent actions by all professionals in the sector.

The main challenge is to properly manage the global leadership of the olive sector not only in Andalusia, but also at a national level. That’s why the commercial relations established at this event are so important, as this way the competitiveness of the olive farms and the olive companies is maintained.

Another interesting aspect to highlight is the proposal of improvements in the relations between the sector and the territory to generate value and social welfare through diversification and environmental sustainability; in this way, a product of the highest quality is obtained by means of an unequalled raw material, source of wealth and sustenance for thousands of people. On the other hand, the Olive Fair also promotes ancillary activities in the sector, such as oil tourism, a term that has recently been coined and which is strongly linked to the promotion of both the cultural heritage and the rural heritage of the olive grove.

If anything is going to characterize this edition it is the intensification of the market orientation and the internationalization of the sector, so that both countries that do not produce oil and those that do, recognize the value of the liquid gold of our land and pursue a greater presence in these markets through strategic alliances.

Finally, communication and information and communication technologies (ICTs) have recently advanced the understanding of all the staff that converge in the olive sector. This is a relevant factor that the Fair takes into account, as it motivates the entrepreneurs of the sector to the introduction of electronic commerce of olive oil or commercial communication and promotion through the management of social networks, promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the olive grove and olive oil sector.