For Montoro to host one of the most important agro-industrial events in Andalusia requires effort, discipline, perseverance and enthusiasm on the part of an entire organization that has been rowing in the same direction for more than 30 years. Thanks to this commendable work, more than a hundred exhibiting companies are loyal to this biennial event which, with their participation in it and good work, are the key engine that propels the event towards a resounding success edition after edition.

It should be noted that the success of an event of such caliber as this one not only entails the work it demands, which is a large percentage of the total (if we quantify it). There are also other external factors that add to and invite the participation of companies and sponsor the arrival of visitors, such as, among others, the category offered by the facilities where it is held, and road access for all types of transport.

MontoroMontoro is known nationally for being in the perfect enclave for everyone who visits it. It has unbeatable accessibility, being at the passage of the Autovía del Sur or A-4 (Madrid-Cádiz) and directly connected to the town of Córdoba with Madrid, Córdoba, Seville or Cádiz, among other important points of our geography. It is the main communication route between the center and the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

In this way, the location of the Fair cannot go unnoticed, since the facilities of the Olivarero Communal Heritage are less than 5 minutes from taking the highway exit to reach it. As soon as you enter the diversion lane, the enclosure is easily sighted.

Strategically, in Montoro there is also the detour to the N-420 towards Ciudad Real, so that any driver who comes from both the western and eastern parts of Andalusia and wishes to take that itinerary is obliged to pass through this town, connecting thus with the north of the province of Córdoba.

In Montoro, everything is easy in terms of access, regardless of the type of vehicle used to drive on the road. Our exhibitors and visitors will have no problem accessing the facilities from any point. This aspect adds more and more followers, that edition after edition, we welcome them with open arms.

Meet and visit the Olive Tree Fair, from May 11 to 14, 2022. More information at