The Olive Tree Fair is an unmissable event for the most cutting-edge companies related to the olive oil and agricultural sector in general with headquarters throughout the national and international geography. And one of them is AxFlow. This company with a European projection is dedicated to consultancy and service, and focuses on special equipment for handling fluids. They offer and provide added value to pumping equipment, as well as to the dosing, mixing and analysis of fluids, making them leaders in the market.

At this edition, the Madrid-based company will present two new solutions designed to improve the analytical control of oil mills, which help to optimise oil extraction and classify it by quality.

The company has improved the SpectraAlyzer TW Olive analyser with new calibrations that measure the quality of whole olives and the oil extracted. It analyses, in seconds, solid samples (whole uncrushed olives, soils and leaves), pasty samples (pomace, alperujo, crushed olives) and liquid samples (olive oil). All with a single system.

AXFLOWThe function of this analyser is very important, as it serves to know the fat yield of the olives and classifies them by quality, to ensure the exhaustion of the pomace/alperujo, to classify the oil extracted by quality and, furthermore, it helps farmers to make the right decisions about when to harvest (ripening index) and how much fertiliser to dose (macro and micro nutrients of the leaves and soil of the olive grove). All this, supported by NIR technology, with exclusive optics that provide stable calibrations, ease of use by combining a touch interface with icons (ipad type) and a sample presenter that uses reusable open capsules.

The second novelty that our visitors and entrepreneurs will be able to see first-hand is the new Polytec NIR Systems, capable of measuring all whole olives, the pomace at the outlet of one or more decanters and also the extracted olive oil.

Polytec systems are manufactured in Germany and are used in a variety of food and chemical industries. They are of open configuration with connection to several sensors in line; they measure remotely, without contact, all the olives that circulate through the conveyor belt, or by contact through the pipes through which the pomace and the oil circulate at the exit of the decanter and centrifuge machines respectively.

These and many other new products will be available at stand C1H at the Fair, located at the Montoro Olive Grove Community Heritage Facilities, from 11 to 14 May. Participate and register at:

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