Today the collaboration agreement between Caja Rural de Jaén and the Consortium of the Montoro Olive Tree Fair has been signed on the occasion of the celebration of this commercial exhibition dedicated to the world of olive groves, which will be held from the 11th to the 14th of May.

Jose Luis García-Lomas Hernández (President Caja Rural Jaén), José Márquez Alcántara (Director Caja Rural Jaén), Luis Gómez-Crespo Delgado (Delegate Caja Rural de Jaén in Córdoba), Ana María Romero Obrero (President of the Olive Tree Fair Consortium) and Miguel Luque Madueño (Councillor for Economic Development and Tourism of Montoro Town Council) have signed the commitment of the Jaén entity with the Olive Tree Fair. Caja Rural continues to support one of the most important agricultural and industrial meetings of our autonomous community, where in this year 2022 Montoro reinvents itself to captain and show Mediterranean farmers and millers OLIVICULTURE and ELAIOTECHNICS 4.0.