Considering that it is of the utmost interest to promote the relevance and beauty of the landscape and culture of the olive tree, a key factor in the configuration and economic, cultural and sociological development of many municipalities in Andalusia, including Montoro, we consider it important to support the candidacy for the declaration of the cultural landscape of the Andalusian olive grove as World Heritage by UNESCO.
Within the framework of the 20th Olive Tree Fair, we intend to favour the achievement of the aforementioned objectives, which is also in line with the aims of the Montoro Olive Tree Fair Consortium, the organiser of the event, and has therefore decided to call for the 2nd NATIONAL PHOTO CONTEST in accordance with the following Rules:


1.- Participants:

All persons of legal age, resident in Spain, may participate in this competition without restriction of any kind.

2.- Topics to be covered:

Olive Culture, Gastronomy, Landscape, Health, Lifestyle, Special category on women in olive growing

3.- Competition phases:

3.1. First Phase

3.1.1 A collection of up to three photographs per author may be submitted only via the Internet (no other form of participation will be accepted). The registration and the sending of the files will be done to the e-mail:

3.1.2 The files will be sent in JPG mode at 72 dpi. and 1024 pixels on the larger side. No file may exceed 1.5 MB.

3.1.3 The deadline for admission to the competition will be April 15, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. Those received after this deadline will not be admitted to the competition.

3.2 Second Phase

3.2.1 The Qualifying Jury will be responsible for selecting 25 finalist photographs. These photographs will be the ones directly eligible for the prizes.

3.2.2 The authors of these 25 pre-selected photographs will be requested by e-mail to send files with the highest possible resolution in TIFF or JPG format, with a minimum size of 40 centimetres on the largest side and a resolution of 300 dpi. The title of the work will be attached to each file.

3.2.3 In addition, each author must submit a photograph of him/herself, a photocopy of his/her ID card and an abbreviated curriculum vitae (maximum 20 lines).

3.2.4 The photographs received will be printed by the organization on Fine-Art paper, mounted in white passpartour in size 30×40 to be later exhibited together with the name of the work and the author.

3.2.5 Those works that do not meet these conditions will not be admitted.

4.- Jury:

4.1 For the awarding of prizes, a Qualification Jury will be formed, at the proposal and presidency of the President of the Montoro Olive Tree Fair Consortium, or the person she delegates, and made up of accredited persons from the world of photography.

4.2 A person from the Organization will be selected as secretary and director of the Competition to verify that all the photographs comply with the conditions of the rules.

5.- Prizes:

5.1 From the 25 finalist photographs, the Qualifying Jury will select 3 photographs which will be awarded to one of them:

– First prize, consisting of 500 euros and a diploma
– Second prize, consisting of 250 euros and a diploma
– Third prize, consisting of 100 euros and a diploma.

The finalist authors will only be eligible for one prize.

5.2 In accordance with Personal Income Tax regulations, the prizes awarded will be subject to the legally applicable withholding tax.

5.3 The secretary of the competition will be in charge of drawing up the minutes.

5.4 The author who obtains the First Prize must pick it up personally on the day of the exhibition’s prize giving, at his own expense. Non-attendance will be interpreted as a waiver of the award.

6.- Exhibition:

6.1 An exhibition of the finalist works will be held during the days of the Montoro Olive Tree Fair.

7.- Guarantees:

7.1 By accepting to participate in the competition, the contestants are responsible for being the creators and owners of the work they submit and have not waived any moral or legal rights over their photographs, and are fully responsible for the absence of third party rights in the works submitted, as well as for any possible claims for image rights.

7.2 The awarded authors and finalists accept that their work may be exhibited and reproduced in any media worldwide, including catalogues and Internet, for the purpose of promoting and disseminating this competition, without any payment to the contestant.

7.3 The copyright of the finalist and awarded photographs will be the property of the Montoro Olive Tree Fair Consortium.

7.4 The rest of the digital material received in the first phase will be destroyed.

8.- Acceptance of the rules:

8.1 The fact of participating in this competition implies the full acceptance of the content of these Rules and in what is not foreseen in them, the Qualification Jury and the Organization will decide.

8.2 The results of the Jury will be unappealable.

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