A place where you only need a minute to contemplate an engine of life, a historical gear. Where the work of past and present merges into liquid gold and converges in recognition and experience. An opportunity that looks out onto the windowsill of the world’s window, at the pace of business and people. An international fair where the olive tree is the main protagonist for the pleasure of all the senses. Visit it, because it is a unique opportunity. We present the promotional video of the XIX Feria del Olivo de Montoro (Córdoba):

In a minute… Your heart will pump 75 times, you’ll blink 15 times and create 120 million red blood cells.

In a minute…. Olive tree, symbol of peace between war and prosperity, resurrection and hope for the ancient Greeks. An offering in the crowns of the victorious Roman generals whose golden elixir nourished the Phoenicians, Egypt, Al-Andalus and the entire world. That the quiet land, the work and the sweat had their roots in time to the very origin of agriculture in the first civilizations of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

In a minute…. Blood and life enriched with the generous wound of sweat, blood in the heart of sap of all who work it under the harmony of the tree of dreams, of the sensitive tree that gives fruits of culture and inspiration. Olive tree, that sifting sorrows and light equally, awakens all the trees that squeeze their golden juice from live olive oil mills.

In a minute…. Olive tree, clarity of the oil and its aromas, freedom from sunny, shady and white roads. Like a god standing under the blue sky of Andalusia, herald of a land that proclaims joy.

In a minute…. Six thousand liters of oil will have been consumed on the planet and will be part of our being, of our people. Connect and enjoy liquid gold in a place where tradition, future, competitiveness and cooperation meet to advance hand in hand.

A place where you only need a minute to feel the immensity of olive oil, and where thousands of human hearts converge. Among them, yours. Among them, mine. MONTORO OLIVE FAIR.

Acknowledgement for the collaboration in this video to:

Rose Industry (Montoro)

Rosán Oils (Montoro)

Labolive Laboratory

Nacho Sánchez Pérez -Nacho Sánchez Pérez