Positivity of the work carried out is added to the authentic results of this last edition of the Montoro Olive Fair.

This year’s edition is coming to a close and has returned with strength to host 120 exhibitors from companies and institutions from the national scene with the participation of six autonomous communities (Andalusia, Aragon, Castile-La Mancha, Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia). As far as international representation is concerned, a total of 20 companies from Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Morocco and Turkey, becoming a clear reference showcase for all professionals in the sector.

A meeting that has been a link in the commercial relations between the businessmen of the olive sector. Undoubtedly, this recognition has been earned thanks to the effort and results obtained during the previous eighteen editions. All this nurturing an event in which professionals in the sector are offered an unparalleled balcony of dissemination to market their products, promote themselves, discover, invest and learn about any proposal arising from technological advances and research projects.

The Olive Fair continues to be an unmissable event for entrepreneurs such as manufacturers of machinery for cultivation and oil mills to present their new products, but they also have room for other market players, with great participation and interest in the technical conferences where they are invited to participate in a forum for reflection and sharing ideas on the olive sector. In addition, the Fair is a pressing event for lovers of the AOVE and for the general public who, as consumers, can learn more about the sector and its different nuances.

On the other hand, the culture of the olive tree has been fostered by communicating the health benefits of olive oil and by promoting knowledge of the quality of this liquid gold. Knowledge that was transmitted to the public after the masterful lesson offered by the prestigious doctor D. Francisco José Tinahones Madueño on May 12, the first official act of this XIX edition.

During the Inauguration Ceremony on 16 May, Susana Díaz, President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, also sent a clear message to the sector: “For months we have been warning of the possibility that the cuts proposed by the European Commission for the next Community framework 2021-2027 could reach up to 16%. This is a real blow to our agricultural sector, which accounts for 8% of wealth and 10% of employment in Andalusia.

In view of this difficulty, all the administrations must redouble their efforts to ensure that funds are not finally reduced and to ask the European Commission to be particularly sensitive to this sector. We believe in the Europe of the people, the Europe that does not hide behind big numbers or other interests, but that puts the citizens first. If Europe makes this decision, it makes a mistake and puts itself back in front of people’s interests.

It has been decided to defend the profitability of costs by advocating a price worthy of olive oil during the four days of the event, as it has become aware of the sector’s concerns about an unfair and damaging drop in prices. It has also been addressed through the subject matter in several of the papers planned in the second module of the Technical Conference entitled “Self-regulation in the olive sector: for stable and decent prices”, where the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Ricardo Domínguez said: “Our support for the olive sector is absolute. Within the framework of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, we are contemplating a line of aid with a budget of 1.7 million euros to sponsor the creation of the figure of producer organisations, whose activation is waiting for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment to regulate their recognition”.


Thanks to the Technical Conferences held on 17, 18 and 19 May, a notorious representation of experts from the Universities of Cordoba, Jaen and Granada, research centres (IFAPA, Olivarum) and entities (AEMO, Fundación PCO, COAG, ASAJA, Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español, Asociación Española D.O.s, etc.).) brought together a total of 200 attendees during the three days of the event in the Assembly Hall of the Olive Community Heritage, addressing issues such as the optimal management of water resources in olive groves, management and production of intensive and hedge olive grove varieties or internationalization and research in the olive grove and olive oil sector, among others.

Likewise, the interest in olive oil training in public schools is significant, introducing young people to the benefits offered by liquid gold by experts. Basic theoretical concepts have been treated so that the students could learn to distinguish different types of oils by means of their properties and composition, and in addition, to give them the essential guidelines for the practical realization of an olive oil tasting with the treated knowledge.


For the first time in the framework of the XIX Olive Fair, Extenda – Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion of the Junta de Andalucía, has organized the XII Meeting of the Auxiliary Industry of the Olive Grove in Montoro, during the days 16 and 17 of May 2018 in the facilities of the Olive Grove Communal Heritage.

The aim of this action is to make known to a selection of international buyers and prescribers the Andalusian region and its exportable offer in terms of products and services of the auxiliary olive grove industry, as well as to identify business opportunities in selected markets.

To this end, international operators from Morocco, Algeria, Peru and Iran have been invited to present business opportunities for Andalusian companies in the sector, with the collaboration of Extenda’s Business Promotion Offices and Antennas in these markets.

Among the activities planned are up to 64 bilateral meetings between national and foreign companies invited to the Fair, arranged according to the interests of both parties, and a visit to the stands of the Andalusian companies exhibiting.


The recognition of the work and effort cannot be left behind by awarding national and international prizes organized by Gea Ibérica and AEMO for the Promotion of Olive Oil Consumption, with the “Jaén Selección” project award from the Diputación de Jaén being awarded, with the aim of including the best Jaenian AOVE of each harvest. This award is unique in the world for its subject matter and relevance, as it is the maximum annual recognition for the action, initiative or project that has achieved a notable increase in the consumption of olive juice at an international level.

On the other hand, AEMO has celebrated its National Prizes 2018, in the categories of Diffusion of the Culture of the Olive Tree, Best National Olive Oil Mill and Best Monumental Olive Tree of Spain. For the first time in its sixteen years of history, the mode of dissemination of the Culture of the Olive Tree

2018 has awarded an extraordinary prize to the IFAPA World Collection of Olive Varieties “Alameda del Obispo”.

As for the first prize, it has been for the website apadrinaunolivo.org of Oliete (Teruel) presented by José Alfredo Martín Piñas. The initiative aims to recover the abandoned olive grove in the municipality of Oliete (Teruel), through the original “sponsor an olive tree” initiative. Thus, since its inception, the project has already recovered 7,200 olive trees in the town. The second prize went to Colival, for the Culture and Quality of Olive Oil, from Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real), presented by Consoli Molero, manager of the cooperative, which in turn was awarded the prize for the Best Olive Oil Teacher 2017-2018. The third winner was Liber Olivarum, The Book of Olives, presented by its author Arturo Esteve. It is a book that compiles the path of the olive tree through such varied genres as history, literature, mythology, religious texts, medicine and gastronomy.

In the category of Best National Olive Oil Mill 2017-2018, Aceites Prieto Reina – Pago de las Monjas, from Montoro (Córdoba) has received the prize of this edition. Finally, Olivo de Sinfo de Traiguera (Castellón) has won the prize for Best Monumental Olive Tree in Spain.

Also, there was also the presentation of the Harmony Awards at the Olive Fair, where Italian (IRVEA -Istituto per la Ricerca e la Valorizzazione delle Eccellenze Agroalimentari e Ambientali-, Olive Oil Academy, CCIAA – Camera di Commercio di Parma- and SSICA -Stazione Sperimentale Industrie delle Conserve Alimentari di Parma-) and Spanish (Tierra de Olivos) entities attended. This international recognition event for the best oils in the world has awarded “Venta del Barón”, “Moli de Oli” and “Masía El Atlet” in the category of delicate AOVEs, “Almaoliva”, “Colival” and “Picualia” in the category of Medium Fruits and “Maeva”, “Parqueoliva”, “Palacio de los Olivos” and “Cortijo de la Torre” in the Intense Fruity category.

On behalf of the organizing consortium, prizes have been awarded in competitions aimed at the Quality of AOVE, poetry, innovation and photography. In this year’s edition, the 10th Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Award “Pero León Mellado” in the category of Ripe Fruity Olive Oil, has gone to the company Molino del Genil, S.L. de Écija (Seville), which it sells under the brand name Molino del Genil Premium Arbequina. The second prize went to the company HENRI MOR, S.L. of Juncosa (Lleida), which sells under the brand name HENRI MOR Reserva Privada Arbequina. As for the third prize, the cooperative company Olivarera de Casariche S.C.A. de Casariche (Seville) has won the award by marketing under the brand name Oleoestepa.

As for the Green Fruit category, the cooperative company San Vicente de Mogón, from Villacarrillo (Jaén), which sells under the brand name Puerta de las Villas. The second prize went to the company Almazara de Muela, from Priego de Córdoba, which sells under the brand Venta del Barón. The third prize went to the cooperative company Almazaras de la Subbética SCA, from Carcabuey, which sells under the brand name Parqueoliva Serie Oro. On the other hand, the Special Prize for the Best AOVE of the Montoro-Adamuz Denomination of Origin has been awarded to Aceites Prieto Reina S.L. under the brand name Pago de las Monjas.

The prize at the 14th National Poetry Competition went to Manuel Laespada Vizcaíno for his work entitled “Tríptico de un resplandor”. As for the XVI Innovation and Technology Transfer Competition, there was a double winner ex aequo that went to the IMS Pesaje companies for the design of a system to determine the fat yield of whole olives in the mills’ yard; and to the joint project of Padillo and FOSS “Oleoptic”.

An important institutional representation has supported the Fair with its attendance at award ceremonies, participation in Technical Conferences, or visiting exhibitors. Anybody