• It will take place next Friday, May 6, at 8:00 pm at the Miguel Romero Esteo Theatre, Montoro. Presents: Jose Hurtado.

2022 has finally arrived. This time, yes, we will be able to hear the long-awaited proclamation by Lorenzo León. The Covid-19 pandemic caused the Fair to be suspended in 2020 and made it impossible to hold the traditional proclamation in which Lorenzo was chosen for his pronouncement.

As we announced in the previous edition, Lorenzo León Moreno, is a specialist in the olive sector and with a long research career in the agricultural field. He is a Doctor of Agricultural Engineering from the University of Córdoba. Since 2009, he has been a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA) at the Alameda del Obispo Center, within the Breeding and Biotechnology Area, in addition to obtaining the Horticultural Sciences Research Award “Ciudad de Córdoba ” 2010.

His lines of research focus on the genetic improvement of the olive tree, within the framework of a breeding program that tries to obtain new varieties adapted to modern olive growing. The final objective of this improvement program is to obtain new varieties with early production and high productivity, resistance to different biotic factors (Verticilosis, Xylella, repilos) and abiotic factors (climate change, hydric stress), adaptation to different cultivation, high fat yield and oil quality.

Throughout his professional career, he has participated in 25 research projects (in 5 of them as principal investigator). The lines of research have been focused on different aspects related to the improvement of the olive tree, olive plantation systems and fine-tuning of analysis techniques.

As a result of these works, 80 articles have been published in international journals, as well as multiple articles in popular magazines and communications to national and international conferences. All this allowed registering the new variety ‘Sikitita’ in 2009; This work was recognized in 2010 with the “Ciudad de Córdoba” Horticultural Science Research Award, being the first variety obtained in Spain from a systematic selection program, currently marketed by different olive tree nurseries. More recently, the varieties ‘Sikitita2’ and ‘Martina’ have been registered, adapted to cultivation in hedgerows, and three new varieties resistant to Verticillium wilt of the olive tree.

Lorenzo León MorenoBut beyond his extensive professional career, Lorenzo has a very special bond with the Olive Tree Fair. His connection to this event is more personal than professional. And it is that his father, Pedro León Mellado, was the main architect and creator of this event, working for forty years in the Fundación Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero. The commitment, courage and enthusiasm that marked the beginnings of the Ilígora Recreational Club, of which he was president, were more than meritorious in achieving the importance that this event has today in the olive sector and in Montoro.

Given the extensive career, training and experience of our town crier, we will surely enjoy in this 21st edition of the Montoro Olive Tree Fair an enriching and emotional proclamation that Lorenzo will be delighted to share with all attendees.