The role played by Montoro in the Olive Fair has been and is essential to contribute to the knowledge and projection of the most international Andalusian product par excellence, olive oil. Let us remember that it is the main food and agriculture product exported by Andalusia, with a production value of more than 2,900 million euros, which is equivalent to 30% of the total Andalusian agricultural turnover.

Likewise, this Fair is held as an unavoidable showcase of leadership and drive to go further, gain size and establish alliances, emphasizing dynamism and entrepreneurship. The results are positive on the part of the institutions, which continue to bet on the future of the agricultural sector, as will be seen during this 19th edition.

Financial support of more than 300 million euros

The commitment to the sector is, in the words of the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro, “unequivocal”. At the meeting of the Andalusian Olive Grove Council held last January, Sánchez Haro explained that “Andalusia is the only autonomous community that has included, within the Rural Development Programme (RDP)”, a thematic subprogramme for olive groves which, with the reservation of a specific budget of over 300 million euros, “is fully operational”. In fact, the Regional Ministry has already made available to the sector, through the publication of calls for proposals, up to 230 million euros, 77% of what is planned for the entire Community framework, and, “of these, 185 million are already committed, they already have names and surnames”, Sánchez Haro added.

Similarly, the Ministry has put all the experience and research and transfer potential of the Andalusian Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (Ifapa) at the service of the challenges of olive groves through six lines of research, six of its centers and an experimental area of 200 hectares. In 2017, 153 training actions were carried out, with a total of 4,300 teaching hours, covering 3,400 students. A dozen or so collaboration agreements focused on the sector have also been set up.

Source: Junta de Andalucía.