How important it is to take care of our farmland, where the roots will sprout thanks to which the fruits collected in the subsequent harvest will emanate. To pamper with the best technology the base that sustains the entire agro-industrial fabric. Fray Mendel – Fenorganic, a Malaga company participating in the XXI edition of the Olive Tree Fair, are specialists in this.

Specifically, this firm is going to exhibit a new line of exclusive ecological fertilizers treated with ICE technology (Cytoplasmic Cellular Exchange Technology), which transfers all the nutrients to the plant cells immediately. This new contribution is designed to improve yields in quality and quantity, and to grow stronger and healthier crops. The differential and unique value of the cells used in ICE technology is that they have the ability to consume large amounts of nutrients. Cells biologically store nutrients and recreate nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins in their own body. The formula of this system -explains its manager- is made up of: Nitrogen (16%, soluble in water), Nutriplus 10 (composed of 10% nitrogen and 46% amino acids), freshwater algae and Biostimulant (especially indicated for saline soils), among other ingredients.

Tecnología ICEOur visitors and exhibitors at this 21st Edition will be able to learn about these products first-hand at booth C9D, which also include soil/water cell extracts, a nutritious and complete formula, suitable for the different stages of crops. .
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