This XXI edition will be remembered in Montoro as the technological one, the 4.0. Almost four years have passed since our farewell at the facilities of the Olivarero Communal Heritage and the leading companies in the olive oil and agro-industrial sector in general return with more desire and enthusiasm than ever, and it shows. Technology has changed in this time and the advances in machinery, tools and equipment are notorious, and Grupo Acre, under the trademark DJI Agriculture, could not miss our appointment to show us these advances.

This multinational, with headquarters in Illescas (Toledo), will present AGRAS fumigation drones, crop analysis drones, as well as agricultural solutions at the Olive Fair.

AGRAS 30What do drones contribute to agriculture? DJI agricultural drones spray more accurately and consistently thanks to their automated features and precision spraying systems; farmers can use aerial platforms with multispectral cameras to collect accurate crop data and spot problems for treatment; With a DJI P4RTK drone, land surveying can be done 100 times faster. The map will facilitate the planning and precision of crop treatment; They are suitable for multiple applications such as pasture reseeding, granular fertilizer application and seeding.


The models that DJI Agriculture will present as a novelty in this XXI edition of the Olive Tree Fair, are the following:
• AGRAS T30 – Takes aerial spraying efficiency to new heights.
o Specifications: 30L spray tank, spherical radar system, IP67 water and dust resistance, FPV dual cameras for high-precision monitoring and operation.

• P4 MULTISPECTRAL: collects precise data to know the health of the olive tree.
o Specifications: multispectral imaging system, live NDVI view, RTK module, time synchronization.

• MULTISPECTRAL DRONE (MATRICE 300 RTK): can attach Micasense multispectral cameras.
o Specifications: centimeter accuracy, DJI SkyPort camera control, Interchangeable cameras, Panchromatic.

• PHANTOM 4 RTK: allows to generate maps of the orography of the terrain with centimeter precision.
o Specifications: RTK module, CMOS sensor, TimeSync, GS RTK application, OcuSync, D-RTK2 GNSS mobile station.

Grupo Acre – DJI Agriculture is a clear example of what this edition represents, bringing us closer than ever to the most cutting-edge technology applied to the olive grove of the 21st century. Our visitors and exhibitors of this XXI Edition will be able to physically see these and other novelties at stand C7G of the Fair, available at the Montoro Olive Community Heritage Facilities, from May 11 to 14.

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