Montoro (Córdoba), is a strong bastion of the technological revolution in the olive sector at an industrial level. It is a specialist in the development and manufacture of industrial biomass boilers, manufacture and maintenance of machinery and components for oil mills and micro-oil mills. All this, with qualified and experienced personnel helped by new technologies. Of this they are experts in Industrias de la Rosa, a Montorean company participating in the XXI Olive Tree Fair.

Industrias de la Rosa, is a company dedicated to the manufacture of olive machinery. Its mission is the manufacture of each and every one of the machines that exist in an oil mill, which are used to obtain olive oil.

More than 40 years of experience endorse this firm characterized by good work and the final quality of its products, being at the forefront of the olive market at all times. The activity of this company is divided into two periods: the manufacturing period and the campaign and pre-campaign assistance period. In the manufacturing phase, its mission is focused on the development of the machinery that will later be put up for sale. On the other hand, in the pre-campaign phase, its objective is to fine-tune the oil mill so that there are no problems at the start of the campaign. This is added to the installation of new machinery supplied to clients, giving in this sense technical assistance and support to oil mills, solving breakdowns and possible problems that may arise.

In this edition of the Olive Tree Fair, Industrias de la Rosa brings as a novelty the latest advances and novelties of its own production of olive oil machinery and its range of biomass boilers.

Bomba modelo BIR-1000Among the most outstanding novelties, the BIR-1000 model piston pump will be presented, with a mass movement capacity of 1,200,000kg per day, reaching distances that can be around 150 meters. The design of the pump is based on a mechanical drive, with a robust construction, with low maintenance costs and which makes it very profitable by analyzing the production data with the energy expenditure used.

The use of this set ranges from installations together with the latest generation decanters, with a great capacity to evacuate pomace as well as can be used in installations in plants to transfer pomace over long distances. “It can be said that it is the mechanically driven pump with the highest known capacity” say its managers.

Our visitors and exhibitors at this 21st Edition will be able to learn about this product and other novelties first-hand at the Fair’s E2E outdoor stand.

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