Place: Hall of Olivarero Communal Heritage
Module 1: OLIVICULTURE 4.0.

Introduces and presents: Lorenzo León. IFAPA.
IFAPA Senior Researcher / Coordinator of the Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Area
The digitization of the countryside, and of olive growing in particular in this case, is an increasingly important trend that should help us achieve intelligent and sustainable olive growing. To do this, different technologies are being developed that we are going to see during today’s session throughout 6 presentations:

9:30-10:00. Sensors, Drones and Satellites. Applications in olive growing
Victoria Gonzlez Dugo. CSIC. Tenured scientist at the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (CSIC)
She presents some of the current approaches to the use of remote indicators in woody crops, and in particular in olive growing. Emphasis will be placed on the applications that each of the platforms (proximal, high resolution with aerial flights and medium resolution with satellite) offers, as well as their advantages and disadvantages depending on the scale of work.

10:00-10:30. Effects of Global Change on Olive Cultivation. monitoring
Ignatius Lorite. IFAPA Principal Investigator / Coordinator of the Area of ​​Natural and Forest Resources
In this presentation, the latest advances for the characterization of the impact of climate change on olive cultivation will be presented, and the work currently underway within the LIFEWATCH – INDALO project will be described in relation to the use of new technologies for the identification of the impact of climate change on Andalusian agricultural systems

10:30-11:00. SERVIFAPA platform for irrigation scheduling in olive groves
Javier Hidalgo, Head Specialist Technician, IFAPA
The “SERVIFAPA platform for irrigation programming in olive groves”, presented in 2015, is being useful for many technicians and farmers who can calculate the irrigation needs of their olive groves and apply deficit irrigation strategies. IFAPA is working to renew the application, introducing important improvements in the calculation of irrigation and, above all, fertilization.

11:30-12:00. Precision Irrigation and Energy Efficiency
Emilio Camacho. Professor at ETSIAM. University of Cordoba
He will talk about how to approach irrigation management in olive groves through the digital transition that improves efficiency in water use, automates decision-making and reduces operating costs. The energy dependence of irrigation in olive groves, what strategies to follow to save energy and the use of renewable energies will also be analyzed.

12:00-12:30. Smartomizer. Smart foliar treatments
José Núñez, Sales Manager for Distribution in Spain Pulverizadores Fede
He will present his company and the products he develops focused on the digitization of work in the field to carry out effective and efficient treatments, achieving total control of the treatments that allows obtaining valuable data with which to make better agronomic and business decisions.

12:30-1:30 p.m. INNOLIVAR and Olive Growing 4.0
Jesus Gil. Professor at ETSIAM. University of Cordoba.
It presents the results of the Innolivar Pre-Commercial Public Procurement project developed over the last four years around 12 lines, with the collaboration of 24 companies in the sector, which have been divided into five thematic blocks: mechanization and harvesting, environmental measures, sustainable practices and climate change, industry, quality and traceability, biotechnology and collection and logistics and table olives.