The Technical Conferences on 19 May begin their third and final module with the theme: “First steps to internationalise an SME: where do I start? Models of internal business planning, analysis of the environment, exposure of initial doubts and public support to facilitate the exit abroad, among others, will be the aspects to be dealt with. The beginning of these lectures will be at 9:30 am in the Assembly Hall of the Olivarero Communal Heritage.

The fourth day of the Fair is marked by the final touch of the Technical Conferences aimed at internationalisation in the olive grove and olive oil sector. An event aimed at all entrepreneurs and companies interested in internationalisation, where doubts about this process, which is in vogue in the sector, will be answered. Subsequently, a plan will be presented that will allow companies to analyse themselves internally and their business environment with a view to internationalisation. Alberto Corrales-Técnico CADE Montoro, Head of the International Programme for Entrepreneurs-IPE in the province of Córdoba, will take part in the presentation of this paper.

Another of the aspects that will be dealt with after the previous speech will deal with public support, which will show entities that the attendees can count on to develop the process of internationalization of their product or company; a subject of special interest, since there is still a certain lack of knowledge in the business take-off beyond our borders. To this end, Christian Gross Guille, Technical Advisor of the Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion-Extenda, will intervene by describing the tools that Extenda makes available to Andalusian companies with the capacity to compete in order to facilitate their access to foreign markets.