Innovation, quality, creativity, digitalisation and technology converge in this competition, which is celebrating its 21th edition within the framework of the Montoro Olive Tree Fair. The companies taking part in the event will be able to apply for this competition, the RULES of which are set out below:

1. All commercial firms represented at the Fair as Exhibitors may participate in this Award.

2. The following may apply for this competition
a. Machinery and/or initiatives that contribute to the incorporation of technological innovations in the productive processes of cultivation, industrial transformation or commercialisation, with the aim of increasing the productivity and quality of production, the profitability of the productive system and the competitiveness of the olive grove and olive oil sector.

b. Innovation and Technology Transfer project or study within the olive sector which, as a whole, will make it possible to generate a technological development or innovation project, with a clear productive, qualitative and/or commercial orientation.

It is essential to assess the technical and economic feasibility of carrying out the project.

3. The Prize will consist of: Allegorical Trophy.

4. Exhibitors wishing to participate in the Competition must attach a technical report specifying the characteristics of the system, machine or technological project presented, which may include photographs, plans, authorship, prizes previously won, originality and other details for which they consider they are worthy of the Prize.

5. The machines, innovations or projects submitted to this Competition must be exhibited in operating conditions during the days of the Fair, so that they can be examined by the Jury and observed by the public.

6. The Jury for this Competition will be appointed by the Organisers, and its composition will be announced sufficiently in advance. Its decision shall be final.

7. The firms with the right to participate must have presented the necessary documentation at the Registry Office of the Olive Tree Fair Consortium, Plaza de España nº 1, or sent it by registered post, with acknowledgement of receipt, to this address, indicating on the envelope in a clearly visible manner: “INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER COMPETITION”, before 7 May 2022.

8. Participation in this competition implies full acceptance of these rules.

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