This XXI edition will be recorded in Montoro as the technological one, 4.0. Almost four years have passed since our farewell at the facilities of the Olivarero Communal Heritage and the leading companies in the olive oil and agro-industrial sector in general return with more desire and enthusiasm than ever, and it shows. Technology has changed in this time and the advances in machinery, tools and equipment are notorious, and Agrocor could not miss our appointment to show us these advances.

novedades agrocorThe Cordovan company wants to present at the Olive Fair -among other products- the new Stihl brand motorized pumps for irrigation. From their facilities they tell us that, until this year, they have not developed an equal product. They will carry pumps and irrigation accessories to optimize water resources in plantations.

In addition, a new prototype of the Stihl brand battery-powered olive harvester will be shown, which will be available to farmers and collectors for the next campaign. They will also carry a range of highly technologically developed battery-powered brushcutters for trimming olive trees to cut stumps or suckers without causing damage or harm of any kind to the olive tree. A great advance to improve the growth of our quintessential tree.

Agrocor comes to the Olive Fair with more innovations and a range of machinery than ever to bring us closer to the purest technology applied to the olive grove of the 21st century.
Our visitors and exhibitors of this XXI Edition will be able to see these and other novelties in person at the C3B stand of the Fair, available at the Montoro Olive Community Heritage Facilities, from May 11 to 14. In addition, they confirm to us from the company that on Thursday, the 12th, specialized personnel will be at the Agrocor stand testing Stihl machines and giving explanations to visitors.

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