It has been sixteen years since the first edition of this competition organized by the Consortium of the Montoro Olive Fair, aimed at all the commercial companies represented at the Fair as exhibitors.

To participate in the contest, all exhibitors must attach a technical report specifying the characteristics of the system or machine presented; it can include photographs, plans, authorship, previously obtained prizes or originality before May 7 in the Entrance Register of the Olive Tree Fair Consortium (Plaza de España nº 1, 14600 – Montoro) or sent by certified mail, with acknowledgment of receipt to this address with clearly indicating on the envelope “Innovation and technology transfer competition”.

All the machinery and / or initiative that contributes to the incorporation of technological innovations in the productive processes of industrial transformation or commercialization, in order to increase the productivity and quality of the production, to profitability of the productive system and the competitiveness of the olive sector. Any project or study of Innovation and Technology Transfer within the olive sector with a clear productive-commercial orientation may also be part of this contest.

For the awarding of the prize a Jury appointed by the Organizing Committee will be formed and its composition announced in advance of the fair and, therefore, of the Contest. Innovation will be rewarded through an allegorical trophy.

Finally, for the Jury to examine all those initiatives or machinery submitted to the Competition, they must remain exposed under the conditions of activation during the days of the Fair, also in order to be observed by the public visiting the exhibition.

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