The Montoro Olive Fair celebrates its 20th edition in 2020 as a meeting place and commercial showcase reference in the olive sector internationally. Celebrated biennially, it has institutional and private support thanks to its background and commercial tradition that guarantee it as one of the meeting points indicated in the agendas of customers and suppliers in the olive world. This event is especially important for the olive industry in which reference products are exhibited in the sector, technologically advanced machinery, olive extraction techniques that cover innovation levels, as well as the promotion of new companies that start to emerge in the sector. Likewise, it manages to compose an agenda of events, presentations and technical exhibitions very interesting within the sector, presenting novelties and trends for the technological development of the world of olive oil.

The fair offers a professional framework suitable for commercial relations and an unparalleled balcony for dissemination to market its products, catalog promotions, and publicize the new technical proposals arising from technological advances and investment in R&D

It is presented, therefore, with an eye on the consumer and producer, equipped with everything necessary to create the best commercial environment that enhances relationships between companies, users and consumers. Everything, in a land of olive tradition where olive oil has been rooted for centuries.